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Saturday at the IB Skate Park, the "Best 2 Shred IV" Skateboarding
Competition took Place!
Sep 21, 2014 05:42AM, Published by Paul Spear, Categories: Sports & Rec

IB has some great skateboarders that are just kids. On Saturday September 20th over 100+ came out to
battle, compete and win prizes. Of course they also had 4 great hours of fun as this was all going on. It was
held at Laurie & Roger Benham Sports Park Recreation Center Skate Park and was given the name: Best to
Shred IV. They had different age groups so kids were competing with others there same age, There was
plenty of loud music to get the skateboarders in the groove. For some of them skateboarding seemed as
simple as walking,There were awesome tricks and stunts. many of them shredded it up with 180's and
getting some outrageous air. We took what we considered 30 or so of our best pictures and put them in a
"Photo Gallery" called  "Best 2 Shred IV" Skateboarding Competition". The looks on the kids’ faces were
priceless and many parents were there encouraging their children on. Food was served and at the same
day and time Kids Day was going on. It made for an event with a ton of energy and all the kids loved it.

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"Best 2 Shred III"
Aug. 30, 2014, Paradise Hills Skate Park
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