About Us
Sk8 Everyday TM  Clothing was founded in 2009 by A.J.
Reynolds an 8 year old skateboarder who is now 16
years old who grew up feeding and donating to the
homeless with his mother and father.  He wanted a way
to let other kids know that they can help too by doing
something they love, Skateboarding.

Something so simple as socks and a blanket are things
that we take for granted but are crucial for the
homeless.  “If your going to skate anyway why not do it
for a good cause?”, says A.J.

Sk8 Everyday
TM Clothing promotes skateboard safety,
no-bullying, healthy choices and staying active

Sk8 Everyday
TM Clothing strives to provide for the
homeless teens, adults and families in San Diego and
offer them the much needed support to help them get
through these tough times and back on their feet.  Sk8
TM hopes to assist at least 100 individuals
every month.

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