Sk8 Everyday tm Clothing 3rd Annual "200 Meal Challenge"   Nov. 17, 2012
Sk8 Everyday would like to thank all of the  volunteers who donated food and their assistance every year in helping us reach
our goal.  We have been  able to prepare & distribute Thanksgiving meals each year to the homeless in Downtown, San Diego.

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Bike Club hosted it’s 3rd annual
“200 Meal Challenge” For Homeless Teens, Adults And
Families In San Diego

There is an estimated 10,000 homeless people in San Diego
County alone.  

November 17, 2012, San Diego, CA Sk8 Everyday tm Clothing  
hosted San Diego’s Third annual 200 Meal Challenge. This
years 200 Meal goal was a huge success! We would to thank
all of the friends, family and community partners that helped
make this year such a great success! We would like to thank
the Downaz Ridaz Bike Club of San Diego, The Simpson
Family, The Price Family, The Thomas Family, The Pryor
Family, The Reynolds Family, The Peabody Family, Liz R.,
Margie R, Ted S., and The Sk8 Everyday Sk8 Team Members
AJ, Chris, Dante and Adrian. With their help we were able to
assemble and distribute 200 Thanksgiving Meals throughout
the streets of downtown San Diego.